Life After Divorce: Surviving the Breakdown of a Marriage

Life After Divorce Title ImageIf you are rediscovering how to live after divorce, you may find that everyday activities can inspire unexpected emotional responses. Finding ways to cope with life after divorce can help you to begin the next phase of your life in a positive frame of mind.

Here are some ways to start the healing process after your divorce is final.





Clean Your House

Clean Your House to Survive the Breakdown of MarriageIf you are still living with reminders of your ex-spouse, it may be time to clean house and donate or dispose of items that may cause painful memories. Clothing, furnishings and other mementos of your marriage can be sorted into boxes for donation, returned to your ex-spouse or placed into trash bags for disposal. Clearing away the last remnants of a past relationship can help you open your heart to new possibilities that may be ahead.



Spend Time with Family and Friends

Spend time with Family to Deal with DivorceReaching out to family members and friends can help you develop a support system that can carry you through this difficult period. Planning activities with your children can also provide a welcome distraction from unpleasant feelings. By engaging with close friends and family, you can prepare yourself for life after divorce.





Grieve and Let Go

It may be difficult to allow yourself to feel sorrow over the loss of your marriage. Allowing time for the grieving process can provide you with a valuable perspective on your own life and your future. Taking time to appreciate your qualities and adjust to your new living arrangement can help you proceed with future plans and goals in a more positive frame of mind.


Be Willing to Forgive

Letting go of your anger and your resentment can be the first step toward beginning the healing process. These destructive emotions can cause you further pain and can prevent you from moving on with your new life. By forgiving your former partner and putting the past behind you, you can improve your emotional health and prepare yourself for whatever life has in store for you in the future.


Manage Your Finances

Wife Managing Finances After DivorceControlling your spending and limiting the amount of new debt you take on can help you maintain a healthy financial profile after your divorce. Indulging in a little retail therapy on occasion can be a good way to treat yourself. If this becomes a habit, however, you may need to curtail your spending and design a strict budget that fits your income level.








Put on a Happy Face

Even when you are feeling less than hopeful, it is a good idea to project a positive image and avoid emotional displays in front of your children. It is important to remember that divorce is difficult for the younger members of your family as well. By maintaining a cheerful demeanor, you can make things easier for yourself and your children during the aftermath of your divorce.

It is important not to rush things after your divorce. Emotions can run high during this critical period. By taking one day at a time and working methodically toward your goal, you can live well and happily after your divorce.


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