Co-Parenting During the Holidays

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From a scheduling standpoint, the holidays for separated parents always seem to creep up on people unawares. Many co-parents tend to get caught a bit off guard whenever the festive season approaches. However, it is always prudent to prepare your Read More »

Father’s Day with Children After Divorce

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Holidays like Father’s Day are special celebrations to cherish and appreciate loved ones. For any recently divorced parent, Father’s Day is often marred with anxiety, depression or even strife. Should you be a freshly divorced parent, here are a few Read More »

Handling Easter as Divorced Parents

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The Easter holiday is just around the corner. For some families, it will be a fun-filled day replete with gorgeous pastel colors, candy eggs, and even delightful photo opportunities with the fabled Easter bunny. For other families, the festivities might Read More »

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