The Pros of Seeking a Collaborative Divorce in California

Seeking a Collaborative Divorce in California Title ImageDivorce can be stressful for every member of the family. If you are on relatively amicable terms with your former partner, however, you may wish to consider an alternative to traditional divorce proceedings. Choosing to seek a collaborative divorce in California can reduce the stress associated with the breakup of a marriage and can allow you to enjoy a number of significant advantages during the divorce process.


Here are some of the most significant benefits of seeking a collaborative divorce in California.




Collaborative Divorce May Allow for a Faster Agreement

Couple Agreeing to a Collaborative Divorce

By agreeing to discuss matters about your divorce directly with your former spouse in the presence of intermediaries, you can often make real progress on dividing up assets and debts, determining the best custody arrangement for children and deciding on other important matters. This can reduce the cost of your divorce proceedings and may allow you to enjoy the best possible outcome for yourself and your former partner.


The Process May Be Less Stressful for Children

Child involved in a Collaborative DivorceChildren are keen observers of emotional states, particularly when their parents are concerned. The reduced stress associated with collaborative divorce proceedings can have a positive effect on children and can help them navigate this process with minimal emotional damage. By maintaining a cordial and cooperative attitude, you and your former spouse can also model healthy behavior that can make a real impression on your children.


It May Be Easier to Move on With Your Life

Wife moving on after divorce In some cases, collaborative divorce can provide a valuable sense of closure for you and your former partner. By working together to end the marriage and to resolve any remaining issues, you can experience greater peace of mind and an improved attitude regarding the next phase of your life. This can help you minimize regret and can enhance your ability to pursue happiness in the future.


Collaborative Divorce Can Reduce Hostility and Resentment

Because collaborative arrangements provide opportunities to clear the air and to iron out differences, they can be an excellent way to release tension and eliminate hostility and resentment from the divorce process. You can work through many issues and sources of anger while working out the details of your divorce proceedings and custody arrangements.

You Can Negotiate on an Even Playing Field

Rather than creating an adversarial relationship in the courtroom setting and pitting your attorneys against each other to determine the victor, collaborative divorces allow you to create win-win scenarios that take into account the needs and wants of each party. This can level the playing field for both of you and can ensure a fair resolution of the issues that matter most.

By opting for a collaborative divorce, you can reduce the trauma sometimes associated with contentious court proceedings. This can be a positive step for everyone involved, including you, your former spouse and your children. Working together can help you reduce the financial and emotional costs of divorce and can provide you with the perspective needed to take on the challenges of single life and to care for your children after the proceedings are complete.

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