To promote, preserve or restore healthy family relationships during challenging legal transitions and to be a part of the solution rather than part of the problem.


To represent each client with integrity in a creative, thoughtful, and honest manner with the goal of resolving family conflict and providing the best outcome, through collaboration, mediation or litigation.

Meet Our Attorneys

Julia Ann Brungess has been practicing family law in the Fresno area for thirty one years, including litigating difficult family law issues.

Meet Julia Ann Brungess

Teri Ann Kezirian has been practicing family law in the Fresno area since 2007. She represents adults and children involved in court proceedings.

Meet Teri Ann Kezirian


Our Areas of Practice

Family Law Contested Matters, Collaborative Practice and Mediation



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  • You resolve Disputes with the assistance of a neutral facilitator
  • You engage in problem solving together
  • You communicate in a safe constructive environment




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Collaborative Divorce

  • A team of professionals is available at all stages of the process
  • You are in control – not the court
  • You design your settlement
  • You can lessen the impact of trauma
  • You can preserve parent-child relationships
  • You can preserve the extended family relationships


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