How to Talk to Your Spouse About Collaborative Divorce


couple-collaborating-about-divorceBroaching the topic of divorce with a spouse is never easy. Even when both partners agree that divorce is the best option, navigating the emotional aspects of such a huge decision requires a lot of energy. Moving past the emotional work and into the practical issues that come along with divorce can feel daunting, and is oftentimes uncharted territory for everyone involved. Collaborative divorce, unlike traditional, can offer a supportive environment that encourages the type of healthy communication that can help alleviate much of that stress.

First, you will have to decide whether you think a collaborative divorce is a healthy alternative for you. Is your partner capable and available to be a participant in a nonconfrontational, cooperative process? If you feel that there is mutual respect and a possibility for a peaceable outcome, collaborative divorce may be right for you. If possible, ask your partner what is most important to them during the divorce process. If you both agree that keeping the family’s well being at the center of the divorce is the number one priority, then suggesting a collaborative divorce to your spouse may be the right choice.

Once you have decided to move forward with a collaborative divorce, make sure you and your spouse understand exactly what that will entail. Seeking out resources, both separately and together, can help answer questions and ease fears. Learning about the process <<link to last month’s blog>> together ensures you understand what will be expected of you both, and an informed agreement can be made on both sides. Expressing your commitment to reaching a peaceful resolution can help set a productive, respectful tone for the rest of the process.

Next, you will both need to find individual representation that you are comfortable working with. Be transparent and use open communication in order to assure your spouse that you desire to work as a team as often as possible, even as you decide to go your separate ways. It may not always be easy to remain amicable, but a commitment to peace can go a long way in reducing stress and resolving disputes as they arise.

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