Divorce and the Holidays

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divorcing-during-the-holidaysThe holidays are normally about family coming together, but what happens when you and your spouse are negotiating a divorce during this special time of year? Big changes can bring about undue stress, especially when they come as the result of conflict. However, it is still possible to have a peaceful holiday season, even during such a big life change. Just because your family dynamic is changing doesn’t mean that you can’t guard your loved ones from the stresses associated with a more traditional, confrontational divorce.

By choosing a collaborative divorce method, you and your former partner can work together to decide what is best for everyone.

  • How will the holidays be spent during the divorce?
  • At whose home will celebrations take place?
  • Will you still spend them together or split the time between parents?

Answering these questions with the support of a team of compassionate legal professionals can create an environment of cooperation in spite of irreconcilable differences. More importantly, you can decide on a way to share these changes with other family members, and especially children, who might be feeling anxiety about how a divorce will affect not only their holidays, but the rest of their lives as well.

At the Law Offices of Julia Brungess, we believe that that through creative thoughtfulness and open communication it is possible to reach a resolution that can keep everyone’s best interests at heart. Divorce comes with trauma no matter what, but it is possible to lessen the impact and preserve important family relationships so you and your loved ones can look forward to many harmonious and joyful holiday seasons to come.