Why January is Such a Popular Month to Divorce

According to a number of reputable surveys, inquiries about and filings for divorce increase in the month of January nearly every year. The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, often referred to as AAML, indicates that people contact attorneys at a rate of 33 percent higher in the month of January than in an average month. This sharp increase can be attributed to a number of factors. Here are some of the most likely reasons for an increased demand for divorce services in January.

Waiting Until After the Holidays

If you are like other divorcing couples, you may want to wait until after the holiday season is over to begin the divorce process. This will allow the most peaceful and stress-free holiday season for friends, family members, and children. By waiting until January to begin the divorce process, you may be able to preserve happy holiday memories for those around you while moving on with your own life in the most positive way possible. Holidays can be very important for the younger members of your family. It may make sense to delay divorce proceedings or talking about divorce until the holiday season has concluded. This will often provide your children with a sense of normalcy and a chance to enjoy gift-giving and family get-togethers before planning for the changes divorce will make in their life.

Making a Fresh Start

New Year’s Day is often a time for making resolutions and deciding on the direction in which you want to take your life in the upcoming year. This process of self-reflection may inspire some people to make major changes that may include divorce. If you have been wondering about divorce, January may seem like the perfect time to move on and move ahead without your current partner. Taking time to plan for your new life is essential to ensure the best outcomes for yourself, your former spouse and your children. You should consider a number of practical issues that include where you will live, who will assume your debts and what is required to separate your finances from that of your former spouse.

Planning for Financial Expenditures

Divorce can present significant financial challenges, including the need to establish separate households and the expense of the legal proceedings. Some couples may want to wait until they have received their year-end bonuses or other expected infusions of cash before embarking on the divorce process. This trend may reflect a need to stabilize finances before couples go their separate ways. The increase in divorce proceedings during the month of January may also be the result of credit card spending during the holidays, which can put a strain on relationships and may result in the need for delays in making the financial commitment to divorce.

If you are planning to divorce in the near future, working with an attorney who offers divorce mediation may make the process easier and less costly. Consulting with an attorney who understands your issues and that can help you achieve your goals is the right solution for building the best future for yourself and your children.

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