Divorce Mediation During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Why You May Want to Consider Divorce Mediation During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a number of obstacles for individuals and couples in California. Many courts have temporarily closed down for a short period or remain closed during the outbreak, which could delay divorce proceedings that require appearing before a judge in person. For many couples, choosing divorce mediation is a solid alternative that can provide benefits during the current crisis. Here are five reasons to consider mediation rather than court proceedings for your upcoming divorce.

Fewer Delays

Because the bulk of mediation takes place outside the courtroom environment, it can typically be scheduled more easily. In many cases, divorcing couples can use remote messaging and videoconferencing technologies to discuss matters with each other and the divorce mediator. This can help you and your former partner make decisions regarding your divorce and can help you navigate the proceedings more easily during the current restrictions.

Reduced Stress

Adversarial courtroom proceedings can put added stress on the divorcing couple and on other members of their family. Because mediation generally takes a gentler approach, it can reduce added stress for those already anxious about the COVID-19 crisis. This can allow the divorce process to go more smoothly and can provide relief for couples that may be struggling with the financial and psychological effects of isolation and pandemic restrictions.

Streamlined Processes

Your divorce mediator will typically work with you to find the most practical and streamlined solutions for your specific situation and set of needs. Divorce mediation can streamline the process by allowing you to negotiate the terms of your divorce without consulting the court for every detail and change to the arrangements. This will typically reduce the time needed to complete the divorce process in the state of California and may reduce your expenses compared with a traditional divorce.

Added Confidentiality

Divorces that are prosecuted in court usually become part of the public record, which can allow almost anyone to access the information on file in your case. The processes used in a mediated divorce, by contrast, keep the most confidential information private and can reduce the risks associated with having personal information available in the public files. Working with a qualified divorce mediator is one of the best ways to protect your personal information from public disclosure and to keep your personal information out of publicly available divorce records.

Better for Children

Your children can also benefit significantly from mediated divorce proceedings over the formal court divorce process. The mediation will usually allow you and your former partner to negotiate the specifics of your divorce and your custody arrangements without the hostile environment sometimes created by traditional divorce proceedings. This can help children adjust to the new situation more easily and with less stress associated with the divorce and the changes in their lives.

Working with a qualified and experienced divorce mediation specialist can help you and your partner to complete the divorce process successfully in the current pandemic. Mediated divorce proceedings are typically less stressful and offer real help for you and your family in achieving positive outcomes for everyone involved in the divorce process.

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