Improve Coparenting Communication by Using the coParenter App

Finding the right ways to coparent your children after your divorce is essential to ensure the best environment in which they can learn and grow. Your communications with your former spouse or partner will have a significant impact on your ability to coparent effectively. Making use of modern technologies to communicate information about your children, your schedules, and other important and relevant events will ensure that your coparenting strategies are as effective as possible. One of the best new technological advances for divorced parents is the coParenter app, which integrates artificial intelligence and human mediation to promote the best outcomes for children and their parents after a divorce.

Comprehensive Help for Coparents

CoParenter is designed to help divorced parents make better decisions while reducing the need to go back to court to renegotiate custody arrangements and resolve disputes. The app incorporates a number of important features that can make it easier to share parenting responsibilities with your former partner. Some of the most important capabilities of the coParenter app include the following:

  • Documentation of all messages exchanged between you and your former partner
  • In-app tracking for expenses and reimbursements
  • Check-in capabilities for you, your children and your former spouse
  • Coaching on a group or one-on-one basis
  • On-demand conflict resolution services

Each of these features can provide real help for you and your former spouse in navigating your parenting tasks after your divorce.

Documenting Your Messages

Tracking and keeping meticulous records for all the communications you have with your former spouse is essential for establishing patterns and making sure that your ideas and concerns are documented. This can help you in dealing with changes in custody arrangements, disagreements about child-rearing issues and other conflicts that could potentially arise during your parenting process.

Tracking for Financial Transactions

Especially if child support is involved in your coparenting efforts, making sure you track the expenses you incur for your children and the payments you make to your former spouse will help ensure equitable distribution of expenses for both of you. This will ensure that no mistakes are made when recording financial transactions after your divorce.


Letting your former partner know when you and your child have arrived at soccer practice, music lessons or back at home will help you both manage your schedules more effectively. The check-in capabilities of coParenter will make it much easier to share information about your child’s whereabouts and his or her activities on an ongoing basis.

Coaching Services and Conflict Resolution

The coParenter app also allows you and your former partner to access customized coaching services that will provide you with the best guidance on dealing with the challenges of parenting after a divorce. The app also offers the opportunity to engage with qualified conflict resolution experts who will provide added help in dealing with serious disputes between you and your former spouse or partner.

For divorcing couples who are on amicable terms, opting for collaborative divorce arrangements can provide added help in staying friendly throughout the coparenting process. Your collaborative divorce attorney can provide you with the right solutions for your needs and your future apart.

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