Gift-Giving Tips for Divorced Parents

The holidays are a joyous time for most families and offer plenty of opportunities for sharing the spirit of the season with the ones who matter most. Finding the right way to manage gift-giving activities after your divorce in California can be a challenging proposition. This is especially true for divorced couples with children. Making sure that you and your former partner communicate your intentions regarding gifts for your children will help you provide the happiest holiday experience for the younger members of your family. Here are some of the most helpful tips for dealing with holiday presents this year.

Keep Things Civilized

Even if you and your former partner are not on the best of terms, making an effort to communicate in a civilized manner during the holidays can help create a festive atmosphere for everyone involved. If you and your former spouse can find a way to put your differences aside, you can collaborate on the gift-giving process and the entire holiday celebration. This will help ensure the best and most practical solutions for providing your children with the most joyous holidays possible.

Compare Notes

Nothing can ruin a holiday celebration more quickly than duplicated gifts, especially for expensive items that make up a good portion of your holiday budget. By working together with your former partner to decide on who will buy specific gifts, you will be able to use your available funds in the most practical way. This will reduce the possibility of disappointment when giving gifts to your children during the holiday season.

Use Technology to Communicate

If you have difficulty in communicating face-to-face or over the phone with your former spouse, email and texting can provide you with a convenient way to touch base without the emotional baggage that can accompany personal interactions. By limiting your communications to methods that require little or no direct back-and-forth discussion, you can promote a more cordial relationship while reducing the risk of misunderstandings or hurt feelings.

Give and Let Go

Once the presents have been given to your children, it is important to let go of any possessive thoughts about these items and allow your child to decide whether they want to keep your gifts at your home or at your co-parent’s home. This will ensure that your children feel as comfortable and secure as possible. By treating gifts as the exclusive property of your children, you can lower the chance that your children will feel as if your presents come with strings attached. This will help them be more confident and make their own decisions with greater self-assurance.

Be Willing to Compromise

With any co-parenting relationship, there may be disagreements on the right approach to raising your children after a divorce in California. Finding ways to overcome these disagreements and decide on the appropriate gifts for your children can be essential to your ability to continue to co-parent effectively in the future.

A little kindness will go a long way toward resolving issues that could arise from your holiday planning process. By working together with your former spouse, you can create a memorable holiday season and a happy new year for your children and yourselves.

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