How to Resolve Your California Divorce Outside of Court

If you are currently considering divorce proceedings, opting for alternative dispute resolutions may provide significant benefits for you and your former partner. Choosing to work together to reach a resolution of the issues involved in your California divorce can reduce stress on all parties.

How Mediation Can Help

For those willing to set aside their grievances and work together to reach mutually beneficial solutions, divorce mediation services can assist in addressing issues in your separation and divorce, including the following:

  • Child support
  • Child custody, including living arrangements, health care, educational options and religious upbringing
    Division of assets and debts
  • Sale of shared property
  • Spousal support

By discussing these issues with an impartial mediator, you and your former partner can often come to workable agreements without hashing these problems out in court. This could potentially save you money and time in finalizing your divorce proceedings and getting on with your lives under your joint terms.


Collaborative Divorce Without Court

Collaborative divorce proceedings also provide support for couples in the state of California. This process begins when each partner hires a collaborative attorney who then advises that party in connection with his or her concerns and interests. By providing a safe environment in which to share information, you and your spouse are given every opportunity to find workable solutions for your family. By opting for collaborative divorce without court, you can often enjoy the most amicable resolution for your separation and divorce proceedings while avoiding the tremendous emotional and financial cost of litigation.



The Advantages of Settling Divorce Out of Court

Resolving your divorce amicably through mediation or collaborative divorce proceedings can provide significant benefits for you and your family. Some of the most important advantages of these processes include the following:

    • Collaborative or mediated divorce proceedings can reduce stress for you and your former spouse and lead to an amicable relationship after the proceedings are complete.
    • Your children do not experience the animosity and anger that can be exacerbated in litigated divorce. Instead, their lives are not disrupted and they can maintain a healthier attitude toward both parents.
    • Opting for mediation or collaborative arrangements can often reduce the time needed to resolve your issues and finalize your divorce.
    • The overall cost of collaborative divorce or mediated proceedings can be less than the cost of fighting it out in court.
    • Arrangements that are agreed upon in mediation or collaboration can usually be altered to suit changing needs without applying to the court. This can make a big difference in the amount of paperwork and inconvenience involved in making changes to the provisions of your divorce.

By opting for divorce without court, you and your former spouse can enjoy these benefits and can finalize your California divorce in the most practical and stress-free way possible.

If looking for legal assistance with your divorce proceeding in or around Fresno, California, contact the collaborative divorce attorneys at the Law Office of Julia Ann Brunges. It is our vision to promote, preserve or restore healthy family relationships during challenging legal transitions.

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