Five Reasons Collaborative Divorce May Be Your Best Option

If you are currently considering your divorce options in the state of California, collaborative divorce may be a good solution for you and your former spouse. These arrangements are ideal for couples who are still on relatively good terms and who wish to streamline the divorce process. Here are five reasons to consider collaborative arrangements when planning to divorce in California.

Better for the Children

If you and your former partner have minor children, choosing collaboration rather than an adversarial approach can help you provide a more stable and emotionally supportive environment for the younger members of your family. By modeling friendly and cooperative behavior in front of your children, you can provide them with a good example while ensuring that they feel loved and protected throughout the divorce process.




Better for Your Emotional Health

Discussing matters calmly with the help of a trained collaborative professional can provide you with added peace of mind during divorce proceedings. Rather than battling it out in court, you can engage in peaceful discussions about finances, child custody, division of assets and other matters related to the dissolution of your marriage. This can help you to stay calm and more focused on other matters throughout your divorce negotiations and can create an environment more conducive to compromise for you and your former spouse.



Better for Your Privacy

Litigated divorce proceedings are matters of public record and may be available for anyone to view. By contrast, collaborative divorce arrangements can be kept private to allow you and your family a much-needed sense of security during this stressful time. By working together to determine the best ways for you and your former partner to proceed, you can keep your confidential information private and away from the prying eyes of the public.








Better for Your Finances

In some cases, collaborative arrangements can be less expensive than drawn-out courtroom proceedings. This can allow you to pick up the pieces more easily and to achieve a greater degree of control over the financial expenses involved in your divorce. Depending on the type of services needed, you and your former spouse could share the services of property appraisers, brokers and other professionals needed to complete the division of assets and the determination of child custody.




Better for the Future

In the state of California, collaborative divorce agreements are reached without the need for the court to decide on the details of these legal arrangements. This can also allow you to make ongoing changes to these agreements without court approval. If you and your former spouse can agree on alterations to the terms reached for child custody, visitation, financial support and residence issues, you can make these changes by merely contacting your legal team. This can provide much-needed flexibility, especially for parents sharing the responsibility for minor children after a divorce.



Collaborative divorce can be a cost-effective and practical solution for you and your former partner. By considering these innovative ways to resolve your marital status, you and your former spouse can enjoy the benefits of a more amicable and cooperative relationship as you begin your new lives apart.


If you are interested in pursuing a collaborative divorce in or around Fresno, California, contact the Law Office of Julia Ann Brungess.

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