When Mediation Makes Sense for Divorcing Couples

Divorce mediation can make it easier for you and your spouse to work together to determine the right solutions for division of assets and debts and the care of minor children. Determining whether mediation is the right choice for you and your former partner can be challenging, however. Here are some key questions to consider when deciding whether mediation makes sense for your divorce.

Do You Have Children?

Mediation is often a practical choice for divorcing couples who intend to share custody of their children or who want to put the interests of their children first in the divorce process. Working with a divorce mediator will typically provide added help in finding mutually beneficial and agreeable solutions for managing custody, visitation, child support and other decisions that will affect the lives of your children. Your mediator will act in good faith to promote the best possible outcomes for your child or children.

Are You on Good Terms With Your Spouse?

If you are still fairly amicable with your former spouse or partner, then mediation can be a cost-effective solution for figuring out the details of your divorce proceedings. It can be more affordable to negotiate during mediation than to fight out every particular in court or through your attorneys. If you can stay cordial with your spouse during the divorce process, then mediation may be a good choice for you.

Was Domestic Abuse an Issue in Your Relationship?

If physical or emotional abuse occurred during your marriage or partnership, most experts recommend against opting for mediation as an option when managing the divorce process. The emotional and mental effects of these events can make it difficult for both parties to negotiate in good faith and could present an insurmountable barrier to reaching an agreement during the mediation process.

Can You Be Flexible About Your Divorce?

Mediated divorces can often allow you and your former spouse to work together to find more innovative and creative solutions for various issues with asset and debt division, shared custody arrangements and other challenges that may arise during your divorce proceedings. By working together with a divorce mediation specialist, you and your former partner will typically have a much wider range of available options in making decisions relating to your divorce.

Are You Ready to Open Up About Finances?

During your divorce proceedings, you will typically need to provide detailed information about your financial situation and resources. If you can be honest and trust your former spouse to do the same, mediation can be a practical way to divide your assets and promote the most equitable financial arrangements for you and your former spouse. For divorcing couples who are not confident about the specifics of their financial situations, mediated divorce proceedings may not be the most practical way to determine the distribution of assets and liabilities in the state of California.

If you are considering divorce mediation, these questions can provide you with added insights that can help you make the right choice for yourself, your former spouse and children. Mediated divorces are not right for everyone. If you are a good candidate, however, a mediated divorce can save you time and stress during this legal process. Give us a ring today at 559-226-4008.

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